Pre Potfest Update

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Remember what I was saying in my last blog about a more structured routine!? Well, that has all gone completely out the window now! My workshop days are long and the kilns are on back to back. My hands are dry and sore from glazing and being overworked. Potfest Scotland set up is exactly 2 weeks today and I still have a lot more to do before then!

As I mentioned previously, I will be changing the handles on my mugs. I plan to launch these at Potfest. So, everything that is currently on the web shop is what I have left in stock with the original handle design (Mugs, Jugs, Espresso Mugs etc) But, I have a wee surprise for you… there are some Grey & Gold Mugs and Cups too! I know how much you love them – Take me to the Grey & Gold at once! After all these have sold I will update the website with my new designs.

My new style handle design doesn’t work on my Cup shape, so this is another product that I will be discontinuing. If you want a cup, you better grab one while they are still available!

During the summer I made some “Shallow Bowls”. These materialised after some customers requested wide bowls especially for their grapefruit at breakfast time. I tested them out myself and love using them for everything; salads, pasta, spaghetti carbonara, risotto, bangers and mash, rice… they really are so versatile! I have decided to add them to my pottery range. They are made and glazed, I just need to get them photographed and listed on here, but realistically who knows when that will happen…?!

If you are on the Leopard Print Waiting list and wondering why you haven’t received an email yet, huge apologies! I have been so busy making other stock, but I do plan to send out a secret order code to you soon.

That’s all for now, but if you want more frequent updates and snippets regarding all things Tea with Jud, make sure you are following along on Instagram.
Hope to see you at Potfest!