Lots of news – Potfest review, a new sale and more

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Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying everything that Autumn has to offer, the leaves changing colour, crisper mornings, and hot drinks in a nice mug to keep you cosy. The weather has been so beautiful recently, and we were very lucky as the sun shone the whole weekend of Potfest at the end of September. Matt and the Potfest team did an amazing job to keep all the customers and exhibitors safe. The whole event was exhausting but brilliant and I was so pleased it was able to take place after a very uncertain year! I was very excited about my display as I elaborated on my kitchen theme and added a dresser unit.

Potfest in the Pens is planning to go ahead at the end of October, but unfortunately I have decided to pull out. It was such a hard decision to make, but after taking lots of factors into consideration, mainly time constraints and a dodgy wheel, the cons completely outweighed the pros. By doing so, this will allow me more time to work on existing orders, and make stock for the website.


I had planned to launch the Big Mugs in my online shop after Potfest, but they were such a BIG hit I completely sold out! I am out of stock in lots of products so have been in the workshop making again, but my wheel is being very temperamental. My electrician has been to look at it and we just need to source a part for it, but as the wheel is old the part might not exist anymore! I’m keeping my fingers crossed very tightly. With the colder conditions too, my work is drying a lot slower, so realistically it will be November before the website will be properly restocked. I am planning to have all my colour ranges available, including Pastel Dreamscape and Grey & Gold. If you would like to receive an notification when the shop is full again, please subscribe to Tea with Jud.


Everything with the “original” style handle must go! I have Cups, Espresso Mugs, Jugs and only a few Mugs left in the original design. As I mentioned before, the Cups will be discontinued. Click here to view the sale items now to pick up a bargain!


I get a lot of enquiries about my seconds and experiments. The reason I don’t sell them online is because it would take too long to photograph, describe the imperfections/dimensions and list all the products, so they will only ever be available directly from my workshop. Perthshire Open Studios did not happen this year and I would normally use this opportunity to sell off my seconds and experiments. I have temporarily filled my “Shop” (display cabinet in the barn wall) with a selection of these pieces. If you are interested in a wonky pot, or a one off experiment, you are welcome to pop down the lane between 2pm – 6pm Wednesday, Thursday or Friday until Christmas. If you want to pay a visit at the weekend, please contact me, as I may be out swimming!


I am still only going to the Post Office once a week, on Friday’s, this seems to be working for me so I will continue to do so for the foreseeable.

It’s not all work round here though, after the Potfest madness, I took a few days off to rest and do fun things. I went swimming, paddle boarding, made jam and lemon curd and just generally enjoyed life, but now it is time to knuckle down once again in preparation for Christmas. With no Markets in the Calendar this year I think it will be very strange, but hopefully this will allow me time to maintain stock levels for all your Christmas shopping needs!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and appreciating the little things.
Cheerio for now and see you for the shop restock!



Sorry, the sale has now ended.