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I can’t believe it’s Potfest time again! Woohooo! I set up my stand yesterday, and despite the weather forecast of doom and gloom, the sun came out and it was lovely! Fingers crossed the weather forecast has got it wrong and the sun makes a few more appearances this weekend.

I am really good at keeping secrets, and have been sooooo excited keeping this one! I have a new prop! Its a fake window to complement my fake sink. I love it sooo much! Very big thank you’s to Robert, who made the frame, my mum, who made the curtain and Sharon for the ivy. I think it looks totally fab and I would be happy to wash my dishes here forever, if the sink was plumbed in!

This year I will be giving away free Tea with Jud Tote Bags to the first 5 customers each day. So, if you want one, make sure you are early!

Just casually modelling my Tote Bag in Marbella

Potfest is on all weekend at Scone Palace from 10am – 5pm. I really am so excited, there is a fantastic array of pottery, definitely something for everyone. I’m heading down early this morning to have a good look around before it starts. Hope to see you there, Jud