Thank you very much Potfest

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On Sunday night I came home and lay on my bed. I fell asleep, and when I woke up on Monday morning I hadn’t moved an inch. I was in exactly the same position! Potfest was so brilliant but it made me very very tired!

I had the best weekend and just wanted to say a massive thank you so much to everyone who made it the best! To all of you who came and said hello, anyone who bought my pottery – both new & existing customers, to my lovely friends for visiting, bringing cakes and coffee, and to new potter friends. Thank you all so much for your lovely feedback and comments too. It’s so nice to know my work makes people smile. This past weekend reassures me that all the hours I spend in my workshop are totally worth it. I absolutely love the addition of my window frame behind my Belfast sink, and it sounded like you all did too. I have been thinking about how I can make my display even better for future events. I get so excited when I get new ideas!

It wasn’t just the potters who put on an excellent display at Scone Palace, the peacocks were magnificent this year!

So, I sold out of a lot of polka dot mugs, but thankfully I did come home with some stock! I have added a few pieces to the website, and the rest is going off to shops that have been waiting patiently. Once these have been wrapped and posted, and I’ve had a bit more sleep, it will be back to the workshop to make a gazillion mugs for my next event – Potfest in the Pens in Cumbria!

Turquoise Polka Dot mug settling in well to its new home!

I really hope you are enjoying your new mug, jug, bowl, or whatever pot you bought. I am continually grateful that you chose to support my business and help me to make a living out of something that I love. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you. Jud.