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Hello! Sorry I have been a bit quiet on here, the reason is I’ve been taking part in an Instagram challenge for the month of March. I just completed it yesterday and thought for those of you who didn’t know about it, you might like to read about it here. The Tag was created by @joannehawker and the purpose of the challenge was to share the process of being a maker and to learn more about me and my business.

It’s a bit of a long read so you might want to put the kettle on?! Also, it might be easier if you just view on my Instagram, which you can find here @teawithjud Happy reading!

The #MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge

Day 1 : Favourite to make

Day 2 : How you started

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#marchmeetthemaker HOW YOU STARTED I like to call it a blessing in disguise but Tea with Jud materialised after a skiing accident in 2013. I worked 3 winter seasons in The Alps in France and I absloutely loved it, but I put my skiing career into jeopardy when I tore my ACL and Meniscus in my left knee. I had been saving money to put towards my business for years but didnt have the confidence to start it. When I returned home whilst waiting for my knee operation I started writing my business plan and thought “it’s now or never”! I bought a second hand kiln and potters wheel from gumtree. My mum and dad very kindly bought me a garden shed to start my very first pottery workshop, and so it began… Going further back though, my first ever clay project was a slab built teapot, based on a daffodil. I made it in Ballymena Tech where I studied Art & Design about 20 years ago. I later did a foundation course which led me onto University where I studied 3D Design, specialising in ceramics. If you haven’t fallen asleep yet reading the above I will elaborate about uni on day 14. It is funny though how good things come out of really bad times. I’m so glad I took the opportunity to start my business when I did, otherwise I’d probably still be in the snow park practising my 360 and failing miserably! Photo 1 – La Plagne Photo 2 – My shed #teawithjud #potter #pottery #ceramics #ceramicist #ceramicdesign #smallbusiness #business #selfemployed #howistarted #independent #meetthemaker #maker #creative #handmade #laplagne #workshop #meetthemaker2019 #rattray #blairgowrie #perthshire #scotland

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Day 3 : Flatlay

Day 4 : Tools & materials

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#marchmeetthemaker TOOLS & MATERIALS These tools are vital for my making. I have many tools for different processes. I would not be able to achieve the same precison and quality of work without them. I get very attached to certain tools. I have broken 3x potters knives recently. You wear them in and they are perfect for a while, but then they always wear away or break with constant use. I hate starting a new one because it’s not the same…similar to a new pair of converse. I use a white stoneware clay sourced from England and I mix up my own glazes (except for my red glaze). I would never usually post a picture like this as it strays away from my usual bright colourful theme. #teawithjud #potter #pottery #ceramics #ceramicdesign #design #workshop #tools #meetthemaker #maker #selfemployed #smallbusiness #handmadeisbest #rattray #blairgowrie #perthshire #scotland

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day 5 : Detail or close up