Twenty Twen-Tea with Jud

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1 week down, 51 to go.

I always try and start each New Year with a positive attitude and a list of goals, both business and personal. This year is no exception but I already know I have faffed about all last week, eating biscuits and feel bad about not being as productive as normal.

I had a long list of little things to do, so it meant I only made 30 pots, and to me that is really bad compared to my usual production level.

In 2018 out of curiosity I kept a record of how many pots I made during the year. I was shocked adding it all up to discover I made 4099 pieces of pottery! Obviously not all of them made it to a finished piece, a lot ended up as seconds or in the bin, but it made me re-evaluate how many hours I spend in my workshop. In 2019 I decided to try and make less than the year before. I did achieve this, but only 379 pots less, that’s approximately 2 weeks’ worth of throwing. I think I spent those 2 weeks wild swimming, so I suppose that’s good!

As busy as last year was, I know I absolutely benefited from squeezing in a bit more me time. My Repetitive Strain Injury in October proved to me that I cannot keep pushing my body as hard as I do. So, if I can make even less again this year I think that would be a great idea! I’ve just got to be even more organised and strict at finishing work, closing the door behind me and switching off.  I will also have to try hard at changing my mind-set, so that I don’t feel bad if I do only make 30 pots in 1 week!

What I did actually do last week was work on some new designs which I will hopefully share with you in February. Thankfully I got these glazed before my kiln decided to give up on me yesterday. Unfortunately all my customer orders that I made were in the firing but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they are not destroyed. The electrician is coming later today and I really hope he can fix it! Oh man, ceramics is so stressful at times.

I also restocked my shop in the barn wall for any passing customers this winter.

On Friday I got the potters wheel of my dreams! I have wanted one since I learned how to throw at University. I had to do a bit of rearranging in the workshop as it’s the size of a horse! (a small horse) and it doesn’t even squeak so I can hear the radio again when I’m throwing = throwing heaven. My workshop was small to begin with, but I could definitely do with a bigger one now, something I really should consider in the near future.

I think that’s you up to date. I hope January is going well for you and you haven’t been faffing around like me! One other goal is to stop procrastinating…at least by the end of January!


PS: thanks for all your lovely messages over Christmas. I’m delighted to hear you liked your presents!
PPS: 2 dates in my diary so far… I’ll be back at Potfest Scotland and Potfest in the Pens this year! Yay!