Big FAT thank you

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Woohooo! Market season has finished for me! I cannot believe how busy this year has been. In some ways it feels like its been a really long year, but also like it has flown by! I’m just finishing off a few commissions this week, doing some admin (schmadmin) and this morning I unpacked the car and added whats left onto the website – just in time for last orders TOMORROW!

I know I say thanks a lot, but I really do mean it. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me in any way this year. To anyone who has done a delivery, wrapped an order, gone to the post office, looked after Albert for me, carried a crate, manned my stand… the list is endless.

Thanks to all my stockists for your continued support and to the organisers of the markets and events who always work so hard behind the scenes.

Also thank you to you, my customers, who say really nice things and buy my pottery as without you I would not be able to thank the people in the paragraphs above or do a job that I love.

So really it is just big fat thank yous all round.