Ten hands are better than two!

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Hello everyone!

My new home
My new home

Apologies it has taken me so long to give you all an update about my move, but I have been very busy! Moving house is hard work, never mind moving house and workshop too! I am settling in well and loving what Blairgowrie has to offer, even though I’ve mainly only explored the supermarket, hardware shops and builders merchants, several times! (that’s where all my new friends work)

I’ll summarize this as best I can as a lot has happened in the past week and a half…

Thursday 1st October: Moving day;  a very early start, 5am! Dad, Owen and I got the boat to Scotland. The weather was incredible, we could not have asked for better weather to move in! It was so beautiful driving up with the sun shining on the trees and autumn leaves.

Friday 2nd October: The cement for my new workshop floor was ordered for 3pm. We had a lot of preparation to do before hand. During this preparation I discovered it is not possible to push a wheelbarrow and pull up your trousers at the same time.

3.45pm: It took quite a while for the cement lorry squeeze round the corner to my new workshop, sparing only centimetres from my neighbours house. Shortly after this is when I discovered laying cement is a man’s job! Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how heavy it is! Such hard hard work.

Welcome to Scotland Hat Cake
Welcome to Scotland Hat Cake

8pm: Charlie arrived with his exceptional carpentry skills and a super surprise …. an amazing cake, baked by Claire. It was the best reward after 2 tiresome days.

Saturday 3rd October: Charlie made door frames. I hate mortar. Mike arrived to help, making 10 hands in total. Many hands really do make light work.

Sunday 4th October: Who knew wood was such a technical material! Using 3 doors from gumtree and the charity shop we were under pressure to make them fit into Charlie’s handmade frame, hang them and get all the other important jobs that I wouldn’t be able to finish myself, before Team with Jud left that evening. But my, what a team. I am really lucky to have such good friends and family to help. I couldn’t have transformed my new workshop without them.

The rest of that week I spent lime washing walls,  painting the doors, painting the store, painting the floor, painting many things actually… and getting everything ready for the arrival of my kiln. It arrived a whole day early at 8.15am whilst I was in my pyjamas. People like to start work really early here. The lorry delivering my kiln couldn’t fit down the lane either, so I soon discovered the advantages of living on a farm… forklift trucks at my disposal and very skilled drivers who will help you in return for a cup of coffee! perfect! If only I could pay everyone with cups of coffee…

I have also successfully transported all my stock and bisque ware without any breakages. Maybe I should give a certain few well known delivery companies some tips on handling fragile goods!

So, after a lot of hard work, and a little bit more to do, I just have to wait for the electrician to wire up my kiln and some lights before I can get back into a normal working routine.

My new workshop
My new workshop

I love my new house and workshop. There is a river and a swing. I am really looking forward to winter here. I love snow so much. My friend in the hardware shop told me he sold 400 snow shovels in one winter! How exciting!

All my friends and family already know to visit, my calendar is getting busy… but any other Tea with Jud fans, if you are ever in this part of the world, please don’t pass by without letting me know. You will always be welcomed with a cup of tea from me, and perhaps a snow shovel.

Cheerio for now.