“Let me tell you that i love you…”

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… and i think about you all the time, Caledonia you’re calling me…”

And so the quest continues…..

lighthouse & yachts
lighthouse & yachts

Tomorrow I am off to Scotland on a very important trip. I am taking a pottery delivery to another new stockist, yes that’s right! Art Village in Glasgow will now be selling my work! woohoooo! Stockist number 3, only 2 more to source this year so i can achieve 1 of my many 2015 goals.

I will also be selling my pottery and knitwear at the Merchant City Craft Market in Glasgow this Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May. I’m really excited as i have never done a craft fair in Scotland before. If you are in the city centre, or have some friends in Glasgow, let them know about the market and come and say hello.

This trip will also coincide with house hunting (all fingers crossed i find somewhere) camping, seeing my amazing friend Lucy and a hen do! Maybe this is not so much a quest, but a working holiday! However, my busy schedule means i’ll be off the radar for a while. I hope you will be able to cope without my pottery updates for at least 10 days. Any potting needs will be addressed upon my return!

Ciao for now.