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Stag in Scotland
Stag in Scotland

Hola! what a week. Much to my disappointment I am home from my trip and I am suffering from the holiday blues. This weeks work load has not helped my state of mind as I’ve been doing boring behind the scenes website stuff, preparing for the launch of my online shop, and not much practical work.

Camping at Torridon with Lucy

The main aim of my trip was to find somewhere to live and i didn’t. I found a lovely house for sale, which i can’t afford, so i bought a lottery ticket and kept my fingers crossed, but alas it was not to be. There wasn’t one matching number. I have come home feeling slightly deflated but am trying to remain positive. After meeting so many interesting people with great ideas, i definitely have food for thought. I mean, really, what was i thinking?! … Id miraculously find somewhere to live and have a coffee shop ready by this summer…. delusional!  From now on though, I will keep my plans a secret, and only tell you when something concrete happens to avoid disappointment for you, and for me!

merchant city
Merchant Square Craft Fair
Tea with Jud display
Tea with Jud display

Deflation aside, it felt great to get a break and test the market in a different city. The craft fair at Merchant City is such a lovely venue, with a really nice atmosphere and a high quality of arts and crafts. Thank you to all the lovely customers who bought some pots and said lovely things.

Also, thank you to Claire and Charlie for helping me carry endless crates of pottery around Glasgow, up and down stairs, and taking my delivery to Art Village while i was setting up my stand. I’m delighted to have my stock on the shelves in 2 cities now!

Next on the Tea with Jud agenda, to make up for the “temporary” unachievable goals, is a little MORE patience and a search for more stockists. If anyone can recommend  quality craft and design shops with a good reputation in London, Dublin and Belfast, that would be very helpful.

I best stop blethering and get back to the grindstone.

Cheerio for now.