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Hello, my name is Jud.

I studied 3 Dimensional Design at University. I like to make pots.

I used to work in a coffee shop. I like drinking coffee, eating buns and talking to people.

I have always loved art and craft.

It has long been my dream to have my own coffee shop.

32 years in the making, I am finally ready to combine all the things I love and make “my cup of tea”.

My cup of tea is an idiom, meaning something that one enjoys. I have chosen this name as my coffee shop will incorporate everything I enjoy, and in doing so I hope you will enjoy it too.

At present, I am writing my business plan and aim to be serving fine tea & coffee to you, with delicious home baked goodness by the end of two thousand and thirteen.

I will keep you updated with any developments through my blog, or you can subscribe to my email.

I’m excited and scared. It is a massive step for me, into the big bad business world, but i’m ready for the challenge.

I believe my cup of tea will be your cup of tea too.