Two thousand and fif”tea”n with Jud

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Happy new year!

I cannot believe it is 9 days in already! After a great break at Christmas and New Year I have been busy researching for new stockists and the perfect location for my Seasonal Coffee Shop in Scotland.

2Ol5 is the year of Self Employment! I am scared and excited but determined to make my business a success, so to keep myself disciplined I thought I’d share a few goals with you that I would like to achieve this year…

  • Open my Seasonal Coffee Shop
  • Have 5 UK stockists by the end of 2Ol5
  • Improve my social media skills – including Pinterest & Instagram
  • Find a reliable courier that insures pottery
  • Make an easy to use shop on my website
  • Develop all pottery ranges

I think that is enough to get me started!

May this be a prosperous year for us all.