Tea Cosy with Jud

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In case you are wondering, day 26 of hermit mode is going well, I have lots of pieces made and am in the middle of a glaze-a-thon getting ready for my first seasonal market next week with Tea Green Events at Kibble Palace in Glasgow. It will be nice to see some fellow humans and escape the workshop for a day!

Turquoise Tea Cosy

You may remember I once said I was designing and knitting a range of Tea Cosies? That feels like such a long time ago now… because it was a long time ago! Sometimes things take a while to materialise, but I am happy to tell you they are finally here! Woo!

They are all hand knit and will keep your tea lovely and warm while it brews. It is the perfect way to complete your tea set and compliment your Tea Pot. You can view the full range here

Red Heart Magnet

I have also been making some cute Heart Magnets for your kitchen. Choose your favourite colour and jazz up your fridge!

Last but not least, some **Top Secret** news – Tea with Jud will be launching a Limited Edition Range  in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that. I best get back to it,

Cheerio for now!