Reali-tea check

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Since returning from my short break in September I have been working like an absolute machine. Everything was on schedule until last week when I got a pain in my hand going up to my elbow. My hand was really swollen and sore. A visit to the physio confirmed that yes indeed I have been working too hard! I have Repetitive Strain Injury. He massaged my arm which gave me instant pain relief and taped up my hand. I’ve been following his instructions, icing, making sure I do my exercises and trying to rest it as much as possible. I’m even brushing my teeth with my left hand which is really difficult after 38 years of brushing with my right! However, in the past few days all these small changes are helping, the swelling has reduced and my hand looks a bit more normal again! hooray!

However this got me thinking about my attitude towards my job and how my physical health is so important. I absolutely love what I do and I want to make pots for as long as possible. My hands are my bread winners so I need to look after them! This year I’ve already tried to improve my work life balance, but clearly I need to try a bit harder. This is an exceptionally busy time of year for all self employed people so hopefully when it’s over I can make some permanent changes and prevent any more work related injuries.

On a positive note, the physio says I have very strong hands! My strong hands have made a lot of pots which have recently been delivered to most of my stockists, Braemar Gallery and An Independent Zebra both got deliveries this week. I will try my best to keep my website stocked. I know I’m low on mugs again and need to make some more but they will hopefully be ready and added online by November. I will keep you posted.

I have also just updated my diary with my upcoming festive markets, so please check it out so you know where to find me in the run up to Christmas. If you see me at a market and want to rub my arms, I will quite happily oblige!

That’s all for today. I hope you are all looking after yourselves.