Penrith, Potfest & Paddle Boarding

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Oh my days, I’m just back from the best “working holiday” ever! I was excited to go to Potfest, but also nervous as I’ve never sold my pottery at an event in England before. I was expecting no one to know who Tea with Jud was, but I was very surprised to meet so many people who have already purchased my work from various shops and galleries.

Penrith is beautiful and apart from nearly dying of heat exhaustion (slight exaggeration!!) the whole event was amazing. Everyone was so lovely, enthusiastic about my work and complimentary about my display. I had great chats with people about pottery, wild swimming, knitting and even bumped into a guy I used to study with 20 years ago. It was really nice to reminisce!

The cattle pens were so hot, that the highlight of my whole weekend was paddle boarding and swimming in the lakes. Definitely the best thing to do after a long, hot days work! Although quite exhausting at times, especially when I fell off and got back on my board the wrong way round – I was just going round in circles for ages!!! I laughed soooo hard, it was so funny! When my friend Tamsin finally stopped laughing she told me I was on the board back to front! Who knew! Thank you Tams for teaching me how to paddle board and for looking after me so well! I wish all events were like this!

So now I am home with a few new projects in mind. The Empire Biscuits were a hit and I will definitely be making some to sell, so watch this space. Also, I will be experimenting with some new bowl sizes due to lots of people enquiring (my mum will be pleased)! Thank you so much to the Potfest team who make the event so enjoyable and to all my new, and existing customers who bought my pottery this weekend. I am very happy and I hope you are too. Hopefully I’ll make it back again next year!