Days off are never pottery free!

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Adventures with Albert
Adventures with Albert

Hello there!

On my way home a couple of weeks ago I stopped in Glasgow and left some more pots into Sunshine No.1, It is such a fabulous shop. Suzi has got a brilliant range of handmade goods sourced from all over Scotland. I continued my journey with a rucksack, a wheeley case and a bag, all full of pots, and Albert, and headed for the boat. Quite a challenge, especially when i got to the escalator. Albert froze! but thankfully a lovely man came along and offered to carry my bag! How nice.

When I got home, mum picked me up and we headed straight to Seasons. They are now fully restocked too! I still had a few more deliveries to do after that, but we did manage to squeeze in a cup of tea and a scone too. Yum!

Bike Mugs in progress
Bike Mugs in progress

Since returning home again I’ve been making more Bike mugs for Honest Thistle and Bee Mugs for Manchester Bee Company. They will be on their way to the shop shelves soon!  I’ve also made some pots for me! My store was beginning to look a little empty so I’ve been throwing like a machine and now I’m running out of space again!

This weekend I am doing 2 markets –

Market: Blairgowrie Community Market
Date: Saturday 25/6/16
Time: 10am – 3pm
Location: Blairgowire

Market: Little Birds Market
Date: Sunday 26/6/16
Time: 12 noon – 4pm
Location: Glasgow

If you are local to either or just passing through, make sure pay a visit. Both markets are great, The Community Market has lots of fresh local produce including plants, fish and baked goods (oh, and pottery!). Little Birds Market is in the Britannia Panopticon in Glasgow. Apparently its the worlds oldest surviving music hall. I can’t wait to see it!

Have a nice weekend whatever you get up to.


Rainbow over HQ
Rainbow over HQ

ps, I took lots of pictures while i was out and about and in the workshop this week, I’ll let you see them next week.

pps, sooo many things to tell you… I got a Paypal chip and pin reader, so if ever you find yourself without cash and want to buy some pots at the market I am now prepared!