Oh dear me

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Disaster has struck! My kiln has broken!

This is very frustrating and inconvenient, but thanks to the wonderful Billy at Ulster Ceramics, new elements have been ordered, and it should be mended this coming week. This has put me about 3 weeks behind schedule, and  resulted in a large contribution to my ever expanding seconds pile! I will definitely be having a “seconds sale” as I am running out of shelf space! I have a date penciled in for April, but will keep you posted.

Prior to the above disaster, i have been working hard on

  • customer orders; deliveries will commence next week once my kiln is fixed
  • making for new stockists; soon to be announced

    yellow dinner set
    yellow dinner set
  • using social media – i have been tweeting and finally added some pictures on instagram!
  • developing dinner plates, side plates, a new shape of bowls.

    turquoise polka plates
    turquoise polka dot plates
  • making stock for my coffee shop that doesn’t exist, yet!

So busy…

My biggest struggle is remembering what day of the week it is. Do all people who work for themselves find it hard to remember what day it is? Regardless of my brain malfunction, I think I am rather organized and I have a few craft fairs lined up, so here are some dates for your diary…

The Fine and Dandy Market – 29th March

The Little Food and Craft Fair – 4th April

Carrickfergus Grammar School  Spring Fair – 18th April

It would be lovely to see you at one of these.