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The Cabin – Tree Mugs


Those of you who know me will know I have always wanted my own coffee shop, those of you who don’t, it’s a fact! It has been the driving force behind Tea with Jud, before it even existed. Today I have some news… just a little bit of news, don’t get too excited though… as of now I will no longer be making commissions.

Parisian Design Wedding Set

This decision has not come lightly, but in order to develop my business and allow myself time to plan my Coffee Shop, I need to simplify everything that happens in the workshop.

Unfortunately this means I will be losing some really popular designs. The Manchester Bee Company* will no longer be receiving my Beekeeper or Bee Mugs, the John Muir Trust* will not have any Tree and Mountain themed designs, and also my Bike and Ski themed Mugs* will also not be appearing anywhere.

Bike Mugs

I would like to thank all the shops that have stocked these Ranges and my customers who bought any of these designs over the past few years.

Bee Teapot

I may be shooting myself in the foot as they are really popular, but with my current ideas I need to be realistic and have a manageable workload! I’m not sure if this will be permanent, but for now I hope you can understand why i’m stopping them.

I know my Coffee Shop won’t happen overnight and I have A LOT of hard work ahead of me but I am determined to do it. Any news, you’ll be the first to know, I promise.

Red Espresso Mugs & Saucers

Until then there are still plenty of other pots for you to chose from as I have no intention of stopping my Primary and Polka Dot Ranges! I can still personalise these with a special date, initials or a little heart, if you need a wedding or anniversary gift. I will also be doing the odd Limited Edition Range, so make sure you can keep an eye out for those.

Thank you for following me on my Tea with Jud journey.

I hope you have a good day,


*Manchester Bee Company, The John Muir Trust and The Cabin Ski Hire still have some of my work but stock levels are running low so if you desperately want one, you’d better be quick! *