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Some of you will already know the issues I’ve been having with my kiln. It’s not been firing right for ages and despite endless attempts to fix it we still can’t figure out the problem. It has taken up all my time and energy, and I did not have anything positive to say about anything, hence having zero presence on social media recently. There have been many tears. It’s been a VERY frustrating time and my patience has been pushed to the limit.

Claustrophobic workshop!

I can’t run my business without a kiln, and with the clock ticking faster towards Christmas, I had no choice but to order a new one. It is arriving today (fingers crossed!!!). If I work like an absolute maniac then I might be able to fire and glaze all the pots that I have been making over the past 2 months in time for Christmas. My shelves are so full I feel a bit claustrophobic in the workshop!

It really is the worst timing and unfortunately due to the backlog of work I won’t be able to take on any special commissions (apart from the ones that have already been ordered). Also, website sales cannot be guaranteed for Christmas either, but of course I will try my best. Your best bet of getting some Tea with Jud Pottery is either buying it direct from me at one of the following markets – Kibble PalaceThe Handmade Show Perth, Pitlochry Christmas FestivalAbernyte Brewery Christmas Market, Summerhall, Urban Market – see my diary for dates.

I do realize that is not ideal for anyone outside of Scotland so please feel free to contact me directly before you place your order online and I will be able to give you a better idea of when you will receive it.


You can also shop at any of my stocksits, but bear in mind they are also waiting patiently for their deliveries!!! Arrghhh, what a palaver!

Thanks to everyone who has tried to help me sort this out, my family and friends for listening to me drone on and on and on about my kiln, anyone who has seen me and put up with my sad face, Rachel for the use of your kiln, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without Ulster Ceramics, and Callum, the electrician! So thank you all!

This morning I am waiting in anticipation for my new kiln to arrive, then the electrician and then there will be no stopping me. Sure there is nothing like a bit of pressure? I just hope I have some pots to sell on Saturday at Kibble Palace…