Here comes the Sun-shine no:1

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Blue Sky
Blue Sky @ Tea with Jud HQ

Good day to you!

How amazing is the weather at the minute? The days are getting longer and there are so many nice colours in the sky. It makes a huge difference from grey. Yesterday it was so bright and sunny, it felt really warm and for the first time since last October I didn’t feel the need to cover myself head to toe in thermals…just the bottom half.

Sunday Masse
Sunday Masse

I had a great weekend at the Makers Market in Edinburgh and Sunday Masse in Glasgow. It was great to meet new crafty people and customers too. Thank you so much to everyone who purchased some of my pots.

Heart Mugs
Heart Mugs

I also delivered some stock to the lovely Suzi at Sunshine no:1. She has a great shop in South Glasgow and it now has a selection of pottery including my polka dot and heart ranges. There are also lots of other splendid things inside. I am excited to go and see my pots on the shelves!

That’s all for now. Happy Tuesday