Handmade Leopard print mugs for sale soon and I’m raising money for the NHS

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Hello, I hope you are all doing well and adapting ok to the current way of life.

I am working away as normal but have been feeling pretty helpless and wondering what I can do to make a difference. Inspired by DyeCandy (a fabulous yarn dyer from Randalstown) who is raising money for the Coronavirus Relief Fund, I decided to make a batch of Leopard Print Mugs. They will be available on the website tomorrow night (Wednesday 8th April) at 7pm. My intention is to donate £8 from each mug sold and raise some money to help the fabulous NHS staff who are looking after our loved ones so selflessly.

I have a few different designs. They are all completely unique as they are hand painted. In the words of my friends ” These are possibly the most ‘jud’ mugs ever. I love them!” and “It had to happen at some point!” I agree, they are very me and it had to happen at some point, and its happening now! Well… I mean it will be happening tomorrow night, at 7pm.

Lots of leopard love,
jud xo