Thank you!

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Good morning!

Well, all I have to say right now is thank you very much Perthshire Open Studios for a wonderfully brilliant and exhausting 9 days! What a great event!

I cannot believe how good it was! I’d also like to thank to each and every one of you who stopped by at my workshop, all 137 of you, yes I was counting!  I hope you are all happy with your new pots!


A special huge thank you to my mum for coming the whole way from Northern Ireland to help out; making teas, coffee and lunch, taking Albert for his daily walks, and much more.

If I wasn’t so tired right now I could write an essay on daily events but i’ll keep it short…

HIGH POINTS – short spells of glorious sunshine, meeting lots of lovely people, and discovering new opportunities for my business, hooray!

LOW POINTS – the rain, the greyness, the rain, the wind, did i mention the rain? And, getting soaked to the bone on several occasions.

I’m absolutely shattered now and all I can think of is pancakes are a MUST for breakfast, so I’m staying in my pyjamas for a while and having a rest.

Have a good Monday,