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Workshop Hermit

First Pottery Workshop


Three years ago today I moved from Northern Ireland to Scotland. I had never stepped foot in Blairgowrie until the day I got here. It was a huge leap of faith, and I’m glad to say that even though it has not always been easy, I love it here. I have embraced lots of new opportunities and set up a knitting group, Knitty Gritty. Through that I have met so many lovely new friends and creative people. My business has grown so much since moving and I can’t wait to see where it is in another 3 years time.

Before I wish all my years away though, I have to get through the next few months! Yes, you all know what’s coming! I am in preparation for Workshop Hermit Mode. Don’t expect to see me until a market somewhere in November! You can check out what events I am doing – here

I will also be adding more stock to the website soon, thank you for your patience.

Right… to the workshop and do not delay!
Cheerio for now.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

Perthshire Open Studios


Well, what can I say, I have had the most incredible week at my workshop for Perthshire Open Studios. Thank you so much to all my visitors who came from near and far, and to those who even came back twice!

Homemade Raspberry Caramel Cake

My helpers, Lucy and Suz were amazing. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. I’ve talked so much my  brain gone to mush so I will be taking a few days to recover and then i’ll be back at It, completing my shop orders, updating the website etc…

Yellow Zone

Thank you again, I hope you all enjoy using your new pots, you have all made my year!


Perthshire Open Studios 2018

Hello there!

I can’t believe the summer has gone so fast and now it’s time for Perthshire Open Studios, 2018!

Tartan Caledonia Window Display

This year Tea with Jud is Venue 10 on the ORANGE route. Look out for the orange signs! My workshop will be open from 10am – 5pm daily, from 1st – 9th September. You can expect the usual welcome…a happy Jud and a barking dog to greet you! I assure you though, Albert is very friendly. Tea, coffee and home baking will be available, as well as a huge selection of seconds!

Tea with Jud Pottery

Coinciding with Open Studios this year is the Leslie Street Arts Trail. Along with other participating artists and makers, we will be decorating the windows of some local businesses in Blairgowrie. I have taken over Tartan Caledonia’s shop window, and If you pop in there you can also try out some weaving with Ashleigh.

During Open Studios there is such a buzz about the place and it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet the makers and see where the creativity happens in sheds, barns and workshops across Perthshire. I hope you get to experience it and hopefully I will see you at my workshop too!


Jolly Good News

Pink & Purple Polka Dot

Good morning!

Since my new clay arrived, production is in full swing here and i’m working like a mad woman! I have added some pieces back onto my website and will be adding more over the next few weeks. If you have placed a customer order recently it is currently being bisque fired in the kiln and I will be in touch when it is ready. Thank you for your patience!

Knotty but Nice

Yesterday I went on a little road trip delivery to Edinburgh with Maite from Knotty but Nice. It was so good to get out of my very hot workshop for a while! We were delivering stock to An Independent Zebra (formerly Popping up in Stockbridge).

An Independent Zebra

The new premises are great. It’s a much bigger shop full of fabulous independent designers and makers and I’m so happy to have my work there again.

I’m back to it this morning, attaching handles and making lots of butter dishes, so hopefully it won’t be too long before the rest of my stockists have some Tea with Jud pottery on their shelves again. I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, enjoy the sunshine!


Unique Shopping Experience


Potfest Display 2018

Hello there!

I can’t believe Potfest has been and gone! What a wonderful weekend! Thank you to everyone who came and visited my stall, and all my customers old and new. I received so many lovely comments and even got my picture in the paper with my sink!!

Giant Strawberry

I had a few pots left over and they are now available to purchase at the end of my lane, from my quirkiest outlet yet! If you are driving up or down the A93 Tea with Jud pottery is now for sale in the giant strawberry! Yes, you read that right!

Polka Dot Pots

The blueberries and cherries are still growing at the minute, and will be available later in the summer, but as well as my pots, there are local strawberries and raspberries for sale. There is also honey, which is made by the bees on the farm where I live, so if you are passing be sure and stop and pick yourself up some fresh, fruity, juicy goodness. #shoplocal

More updates coming soon re: tea cosies and stock!

Cheerio for now




Good morning!

You may have noticed I’ve not been around much this year. Unfortunately sometimes things just aren’t as they seem behind the scenes. I won’t go into detail but thankfully things are on the up again.

Belfast Sink

This weekend I will be exhibiting for the first time at Potfest, Scone Palace. It’s a big deal to me, and i’m pretty excited about it. I’ve even got a “Belfast Sink” made out of wood for my display. I’ve been desperate to show it to you all for aaaaagggggeeeeeeeesssssss! I love it so much! Thank you Tom, you are a genius!

Potfest Preview

After Potfest I will let you know when my website is open for business again and when the shops are restocked. It will probably take me a while to get back to the same production level I was at before but if you could just bear with me that would be wonderful. Thanks!

Potfest is open at 10am TODAY – 4.30pm, same on Saturday and Sunday.




General Data Protection Regulation


I’m sure by now you just might have received an email or two talking about GDPR? Your data rights are changing and the privacy policy of Tea With Jud has been updated to reflect this.

You can click here to view Privacy Policy.

In other news, unfortunately I have had to close the web shop temporarily. I hope it will be open again within the next couple of months, but until then, the only place you can find me is at Potfest in Scone Palace, Perthshire. It’s on from 10am – 4.30pm daily, 8th- 10th June. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Cheerio for now!


No More Commissions

The Cabin – Tree Mugs


Those of you who know me will know I have always wanted my own coffee shop, those of you who don’t, it’s a fact! It has been the driving force behind Tea with Jud, before it even existed. Today I have some news… just a little bit of news, don’t get too excited though… as of now I will no longer be making commissions. Continue Reading →

FINALLY the Small Mugs are here!

Polka Dot Small Mugs


If you follow me on Instagram you might remember I teased you with a picture of a new mug last May! Yes, I know that was a long time ago! Time seems to go so fast sometimes but in pottery land it feels like it goes very very slow. Anyway, after thoroughly testing the new mug myself, I made a small batch and took them out to my markets before Christmas. They proved to be a winner so I have now added them to my Pottery Range.

Yellow Small Mug

They are exactly the same style as my normal mugs, just shorter, hold less liquid and will suit you if you are in a rush! Or if you prefer a smaller mug of tea or coffee.

As of today, these Small Mugs are available to buy in my online shop in both the Primary and Polka Dot Ranges.

Tea with Jud Tea Towels

**PROMO ALERT** **PROMO ALERT**  How do you fancy drying your dishes with a fabulous Tea with Jud Tea Towel? For every order over £40* you will get a FREE Tea Towel, and orders over £60* will receive a FREE Tea with Jud Shopping Bag!

(I also planned this promotion last year but am only getting round to doing it now!)

Tea with Jud Shopping Bag

So, i hope you like the new mugs, have a lovely Monday and happy shopping everyone.


* Order Value must be £40/£60 or over, excluding postage cost*
* Promotion ONLY available via direct sales or on my website*
* Only 1 promotional item will be received per order*
* Promotion will run until the Tea Towels and Bags run out!